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Your money matters.  Put it where it counts.

Our Straightforward Pricing Policy


  • $1 per ticket is added to the ticket price.


  • Standard credit card processing is $0.30 + 3.9% (if tickets are purchased online).​


  • That's all we charge, no matter the price of the ticket.  $1.


  • And we add it at time of purchase, which makes it free for schools.


  • It is that easy.


It is possible to sell event tickets for your school without your time being consumed or costing your school any money.


School Collector is free for schools and inexpensive for ticket purchasers.

Want to see that in action?


If your original ticket price was $10, your students will pay the following:


   $11  ($10 ticket price + $1 School Collector Fee)

+ $0.73  (credit card processing fees)

= $11.73 total ticket price

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