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Using Twitter to Boost Ticket Sales

Homecoming. Prom. 5K Races. Snowcoming. Relay for Life. Senior All Night Parties. Football Tailgates. The list of potential events for School Advisers to plan is almost never ending (and quite overwhelming). And, as we all know, careful coordination and planning of these events leads to increased school spirit, improved morale, and more money for your council to do bigger things next year.

As advisers, we are always looking for new ideas to get students excited about these events.

Many of us already use various social media outlets to promote our events. We also have all heard (and likely tried) running school competitions among different classes or grade levels. There is nothing quite like a competitive challenge to get a teenager excited.

So, have you tried putting the two together? A social media competition?

It’s actually quite simple (and your tech savvy teenagers can help you through the social medial lingo and uses if necessary).


Here is a success story of one of our favorite schools just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Like many of us have done, they started homecoming season with a competition among the grade level classes. They ran their typical spirit week dress up competitions and penny wars.

But, when they promoted ticket sales, they also told their student body that every student who tweeted about buying their ticket would get points towards their grade level. To track tweets, the school informed students that they needed to include their school’s Twitter handle and a hashtag of their grade level.

Yes, there is quite a bit of tracking involved. This school “liked” each tweet they recorded to track who’s had been counted and had student council members do all the work.

What were the benefits and outcomes?

  • Student Tweets resulted in effortless advertising for the event.

  • As more students tweeted, other students started seeing who was attending.

  • Students who hadn’t bought a ticket, started feeling left out… so they bought too!

  • More tickets were sold, more students were excited about the dance, and more money was made.


Okay, so this idea may not be new to you. But, what if there was a way to automatically encourage your students to Tweet right after they buy a ticket?

School Collector's ticketing software has a built in Tweet feature. As an adviser, you can include your School’s handle, and any hashtag, right into the software. When your students buy a ticket, they will be able to Tweet right from the purchase screen. It’s really never been easier to incorporate social media into your ticket sale strategy.

We should also mention this really important detail. At School Collector, we’re trying to help you make more money by selling more tickets - which is why we are free for your Student Council to use! And, our automated ticket sales will allow you to collect ticket payments 24/7 with minimal work on your part.

Oh, and one more important detail. We love helping schools.

We give up to $1,000 to every school who uses School Collector for their ticket sales.

Of course, there are some terms and conditions. So, visit to learn more!

Here’s to more efficient ticket sales!

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