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How can online ticket sales improve your school events? PART 2

In the first part of this blog series, I talked all about how your school dances can benefit from online ticket sales.

But, you plan a lot of other types of events. What about those?

When we originally created School Collector, it was with the intent of helping advisers with homecoming, prom, snowcoming, etc., ticket sales. But, we quickly realized that online sales can be used all year long.

Take charity events, for example.

When I was a student council adviser, my school and community got really amped up an annual 5K. Proceeds went to students in need of medical support.

When the community is involved, it is especially helpful to have online sales. That way, you can sell tickets to everyone who is interested, online, 24/7. This is not just convenient for you, but it is convenient for your community members.


Tory D. from Iowa, found that online sales really helped to support her event.

"Everything went great and I think we had those extra runners [for our 5k] because we were able to take credit cards."

She sold more tickets! For a charity event, that is the goal!


Then, there was Matt P. from Wyoming. He found online ticket sales that incorporated student IDs were helpful for all sorts of events.

"What I liked about School Collector was how EASY it was to set-up. When I saw you at [the National Association of Workshop Directors Conference], you demonstrated it and I was a bit pessimistic due to the nature of these events. Is this a for real thing or just a gimmick? I am so glad that I followed through and explored it more as it was the real deal! I did not have any issues setting-up the event as it was so straightforward and the step-by-step directions were perfect.

I would recommend it to anyone who has an event of any sort. I know that [competitor] is becoming more and more popular and is a lot easier to use than [other competitor] but your site is PERFECT if there are IDs, numbers, etc involved."

When can you benefit from using Student IDs for an event?

Say you’re taking a field trip.

As a teacher, I hated collecting money in my classroom. Not only was it time consuming, but I was handling quite a bit of cash throughout the day. Can we say, liability?!

Online ticket sales allow teachers to keep that money safe through credit card sales (and also eliminates all that extra money collection and data tracking). With student IDs involved, you know that the only students buying tickets are YOUR students. And, you’ll have control over exactly who buys tickets and when they can buy.


I could go on an on. Theater, t-shirt sales, senior all-night parties - the list feels endless! Check out if you want to see more details.

Happy planning!


School Collector

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