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How can online ticket sales improve your school events? Part 1

You’ve likely realized that there are programs available that would enable you to collect credit card payments for your school ticket sales. Perhaps you’ve even tried it out. Or, maybe you’ve dreamed about the possibilities.

Wherever you are in the journey of automating your ticket sales, we are here to help.

So, what are the benefits?

Well, schools run a ton of events. So, let’s start with School Collector’s bread-n-butter: School Dances.

As a former student council adviser, teacher of 8 years, and School Collector’s creator, I could go on and on about how online sales will help you transform your messy ticket spreadsheets into beautifully accurate PDF files. Or how you can sell tickets 24/7… even in your sleep! And, how this greatly cuts down on that dreaded long ticket sale line at lunch.

But, who really cares what I think? (plus, I’ve nicely laid out the benefits for you at

I’d rather share with you what other advisers think about automating their ticket sales.


Luke S., from Michigan, was blown away by how much time online ticket sales saved him.

"Getting rid of cash was a huge benefit. And not having to count cash saved me a bunch of time. Direct deposit? Yes, please."

He has also pointed out the fact that less cash in his hands, is less liability. That could literally save your job.


Then, there is Nick F. Nick is also from Michigan and he was recognized as Michigan Student Council Association’s Adviser of the year for 2013. He loves all the features online ticket sales can provide. From credit card sales, to accurate reporting. He said,

"[School Collector is] more convenient than our previous system because it combines all the different features of other ticketing softwares into one program... School Collector is easy to use, easy to train students on, and the response time on support is quick."

Nick likes how he can really customize his online sales to specifically meet the needs of his dance - guest ticketing, tiered sales dates, student eligibility, and more.


If dances aren’t your thing, stay tuned. Part 2 of this post will include how online ticket sales can be used for many other types of events, including 5K races, theater, field trips, senior all night parties, and more.

See you next time!


School Collector

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