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Curious About Online Ticket Sales?

Here is what one adviser has to say...

As advisers, you have a lot on your plate. Between holding student council meetings, planning events, raising funds, and teaching full-time, it can be hard to find time to eat lunch!

At School Collector, we are former teachers who have been in your shoes. We wanted technology to do some of that work for us. We wanted to eliminate those long ticket lines at lunch. We no longer wanted to be responsible for thousands of dollars in cash. And, we wanted to spend more time doing what really matters… supporting our school and students.

So, we created an online money managements and ticketing system for school events: School Collector.

We’ve interviewed one of our users, Nick F. from Canton High School. Nick was awarded Student Council Adviser of the year for the state of Michigan in 2013. So, he know his stuff!

Here is what he had to say:

Why did you choose to use School Collector?

Nick: [School Collector was] more convenient than our current system, it allows for credit card purchases, and students can purchase at all times of the day.

How would you rate your experience setting up your School Collector account and dance information?

Nick: School Collector is very simple to set up. You just upload your .csv file, enter basic event information, and that's all.

How would you describe your ticket sales?

Nick: Ticket sales ran very easily with little work on my part. My congress students were able to use the system easily. School Collector makes ticket sales a very simple process.

How would you describe your event check-in?

Nick: Check-in at the dance was very smooth and easy. [School Collector] allows us to scan student IDs right at the door.

How does School Collector compare to other ticketing software you have used?

Nick: [School Collector] combines all the different features of other ticketing software's into one program. You can collect credit cards sales AND use student IDs as tickets.

What was your favorite thing about School Collector?

[School Collector is] easy to use, easy to train our students. and the [company’s] response time on support is quick.

Michigan Association of Student Councils: Adviser of the Year, 2013

Nicholas F. Canton High School

“[School Collector is] more convenient than our previous system because it combines all the different features of other ticketing software's into one program... School Collector is easy to use, easy to train students on, and the response time on support is quick.”

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